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Installation Error message ( in use)

Views: 3006 Created: 03/12/2013 05:54 am Last Updated: 03/12/2013 05:54 am 0 Rating/ Voters

As I am installing Pathagoras, I get the following error screen:

The error message is reporting that (the essential program file for Pathagoras) is locked by Windows and cannot be overwritten. 

Three possible reasons for the lock:

    a. You did not close Word before installing Pathagoras. is locked because it is still running.
    b. You closed Word, but did not close Outlook. (This assumes that you use Word as the Outlook editor. Office 2003 installs only.)
    c. You closed Word, but still have a copy of Word running in the background. Nowadays, this is the most likely cause. To cure,

  • Close Word
  • Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to bring up the Task Manager.
  • Under Processes, look for 'Winword.exe'. If there, stop it.
  • You should be able to install Pathagoras now.