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Can I use Pathagoras to draft emails?

Views: 2425 Created: 06/04/2013 05:13 pm Last Updated: 06/06/2013 05:29 am 0 Rating/ Voters

    Yes, but you must perform the message composition within your Word editing screen. Pathagoras does not have an Outlook (or other mail service) component.

    Simply create your message using regular Pathagoras tools in Word. Then, click the appropriate 'Send Email' in the File tab button to create an email and send the document as an attachment.

    In Word 2003, the default 'send' is simply to send the on-screen text as the message body. In 2007 and later versions of Word, the default is to 'enclose'  the document you are working on as an attachment. If, in post Word2007, you want to send the text of the document as the actual message (and not as an attachment), you will need to add the Send to Mail Recipient command to your Quick Access Toolbar. Here are the steps to allow that:

  1.  Word 2007: click the Microsoft Office ButtonButton image, and then click Word Options.


      Word 2010 or 2013/365: click the File tab and then click Options

2.  Click Customize, and then in the 'Choose commands from lis't, click All Commands.
3.  Click Send to Mail Recipient, and then click Add to add the command to the Quick Access Toolbar.

(Of course, you can always copy your on-screen text and paste it into an email message, but we don't think that that fairly answers the question posed.)