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General Questions and Answers:

1.  What is document assembly?

There is not an agreed upon definition of this term, but we define document assembly as the process of building a document from distinct blocks of text and data which can be presented to a document or client.

2.  What is document automation?

Again, there is no agreed upon definition, but we define document automation as the process of asking questions (and receiving answers to those questions) that lead to the program selecting text and values based on pre-defined criteria.

How does Pathagoras differ from the other programs out there?

            Plain text. No fields. Built in simple, database.. Built in document management tools

3.  What does it take to create a variable in Pathagoras?

It could not be easier. Bracket . . . variable name . . . bracket. E.g.,  [Client Name] and [Customer Address] are variables.

4.  What does it take to create conditional text in Pathagoras?

5.   Do you have tools that make it easier for me to create building blocks?

6. Text expander?

Do you have tools that make it easy for me to get to my doucments?