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Can my answer to an AskPrompt be used to set a value in my Instant Database?

Views: 2634 Created: 08/02/2014 05:37 am Last Updated: 08/02/2014 05:44 am 0 Rating/ Voters

AskOptions can definitely feed settings to IDB variables. When the answer to an AskPrompt is provided during processing of the Ask Table (this happens first after a document is called up), Pathagoras embeds the value of an AskOptions prompt as an internal document variable. (This internal document variable is not the same as an IDB variable. It is in the nature of meta data that travels with the document.)


Then when the IDB screen is shown, if any multiple-choice variables with groupnames are identified, Pathagoras will look for that groupname in the internal document variables. If a match is found, Pathagoras will preselect that numeric position for that multiple-choice variable. Here is an example:


Let assume an AskOptions reads:




and a Pathagoras variable in the document is




    When the document is called, the AskTable is (as previously stated) processed first and the user is asked to answer the !price! question. Upon receiving the answer, Pathagoras will record the positional value (1, 2 or 3) as an internal document variable "!price! = #". Pathagoras will also immediately process any <<*Options*!price! . . . >>> blocks in the document to get you to an initial rough draft.


    Then, when you are ready to personalize the document, press Alt-D to call up the Instant Database. When Pathagoras 'see's the !price! variable, it will be pre-set to the same (positional) value as the user selected when answering the AskOption.