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Does Pathagoras work with my subscription to Office 365?

Views: 5211 Created: 08/13/2014 05:47 am Last Updated: 08/13/2014 07:50 am 0 Rating/ Voters

     It does. But keep this thoughts in mind:


     There are 2 aspects to the365 subscription, the local and the cloud. Pathagoras works within the local version, where the VBA coding is installed. The cloud version of Office 365 is Word/Excel/etc 'lite' (similar to Google office).  Cloud versions of Office 2013/365 are not ‘full installs’. There is no VBA coding attached to them (at least not yet).


     That said, all of the documents stored in the cloud can be used with 'local' Pathagoras.  You can store and recall any of you source documents to and from your cloud storage (DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc). Just keep in mind that In those cases, all Pathagoras and other macro functions are being performed on your 'local' computer. You  cannot perform any Pathagoras actions on a cloud document from, let's say, your Ipad or cell phone.