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Pathagoras 2016

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List of Major Improvements in Pathagoras 2015/16
Alias Lists in Excel
Save Alias Tables in Document
 Exclude first 'X' characters in search Mail Merge Improvement
Validation of IDB values  Document Packages Improvements
DropDown List Improvements More Bulk Conversion Options 
Hover over Tip Text for Options and Optional
Right Click Menus
Quick Links
Adobe Connectivity Improvments (now can quickly select among 3 PDF folders.)
Sharing of all data via a Common Folder
Major redesign of the screens
Addition of program 'Guides': "Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Fixed List References
Office 2016 compatibility


    Aliases (short words that represent long lists of choices) are now maintained in Excel spreadsheets.  This makes them easier to access and easier to edit. (We have 'grandfathered' the original method, so if you have existing lists you can either (1) convert them to Excel or (2) continue to use them just as they are.

Alias Tables Savable within Document
     If yo have an alias list that your intended recipient does not, just insert the alias list in the document. This serves a dual purpose. (1) It allows the recipent to assemble and personalize the document without having to first create the alias and (2) allows the recipient to quickly add the alias into his or her local list. (This assumes that the aliases and other Instant Database data is not already shared.

Sharing of Data via a Common Folder
    In prior versions (and it still exists), users of 3 or more licenses could create a Common Profiles path through which various profiles, libraries and other 'Pathagoras Settings' could be easily shared. This sharing required an affirmative action by both the But there


Alt-G recalls

    Pathagoras now allows you to exclude the first X characters from a document name when you attempt a clause search using Alt-G. If the name of a clause is "001Preamble" and you have set the X value to 3, you can type just the substantive text and <Alt-G>, e.g., "Prefix"<Alt-G> to recall the term from a DropDown List.

Save Alias tables within document

Need to share an *Alias* list with another Pathagoras user but that user is not linked to you. Not a problem. Just embed your list into the document and your correspondent will be all set.

Mail Merge

Plain text mail merge with more bells and whistles than even Microsoft provides. Link to up to 4 datasources. It is most robust with Excel, and with Excel and use of the <<document>> call, you can create letters with incredible variety never before possible.

Dot Variables

Assign a variable in this style: [.FirmName] to a static variable stored in an Excel spreadsheet.

DropDown List improvements

Preview Document

Save document (either just the name or the entire text) to clipboard

Open Document (for editing)

DropDown Lists as Clause Selection Screens

Preview Displays document "Comments"

Save DropDown Lists at User Level (for use on terminal servers).

Insert just the name of the selected document. (This is in addition to the 'traditional' choices of 'Create New Doc with selected text' or 'Insert selected text into current document').

Hover over Tip Text for Options and Optional Text

Not only can you provide 'prompts' to the end user to help in the selection of a particular clause, but you can add more help in the form of text that will appear when you hover over a selection.        

The 'Negative' Optional

Optional text is typically keep it all or delete it all. Now you can tell Pathagoras to leave some text if the Optional choice is 'no'. The negative optional is similar to 'options' text, but a bit easier to implement.

Office 'Quick Parts' into Folder of Clauses

We like to say that 'Quick Parts' are Microsoft's way of emulating our DropDown Lists. Only they are not even close. If you want more flexibility with your Quick Parts (quicker and easier access, sharing with others, etc.), convert them to a folder of documents (and from there make them a DropDown List).

Create Glossary 'by colors'

If you have seen a Pathagoras glossary, you noted a pattern of red line followed by a blue line followed by the text of the clause. While there is a lot more to a glossary than the colors (and indeed the colors are not even necessary), if you have a document that you created following that pattern that is not a glossary, Pathagoras can quickly convert it into one.

Right Click Menu

Our newest addition first introduced into Pathagoras 2016. Assign Pathagoras commands of your choosing to the 'context menu' that appears when you right click on a word or paragraph. Easy to create, easy to edit, easy to use.


Assign a folder to a name or phrase. Type that name or phrase to the editing screen and press Alt-G. Instantly your target path is opened. No navigation whatsoever!


While your folder or glossary may contain 100 (or 1,000) entries, you can tell Pathagoras to display only a small slice of those entries. (Previously, you had to physically store a subset in a new folder. Now, you can simple create a Subset for display.) Subsets improves document assembly flexibility, and makes selection of items much easier by displaying only the relevant choices.