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No valid installation of Word

Views: 4489 Created: 08/09/2017 07:27 am Last Updated: 08/09/2017 07:27 am 0 Rating/ Voters

Q.I am getting a message that reads "A valid installation of Microsoft Word has not been detected." What do I do.

A. The Pathagoras installer is looking for your copy of Word so that the program can be installed in the Startup folder just beneath that location. It does so by checking your registry to see the default programs asociated with '.dotm' documents. Sometimes, when you install Word, that default program is not assigned. But you can assign it manually.

Control Panel|Default Programs|Associate a File Type With a Program

Look for the extension ".dotm". If it doesn't point to your known 'last installed' version of Word, click on Change Program. Click on the 'more apps' button and follow the prompts to navigate to and select "winword.exe" in the appropriate Office folder.