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11 How can I use 'And/Or' and other terms with slashes in my document

Pathagoras uses the forward slash as a separator for elements in multiple-choice variables and in Options blocks. But if the text in the block also includes 'slashed' text such as 'and/or', 'a/k/a', 'd/b/a' , and the like, Pathagoras cannot distinguish between…

12 How do I create a multiple choice variable?

Creating a multiple choice variable is really no different from creating a regular variable. Simply put your variable text (in this case, a series of choices) within the square brackets. Separate each choice with forward slashes. Here is an example: Example…

13 Repeats and Incrementing (keep some variables from incrementing)

Pathagoras will increment any variable that resides within the Repeats block. Therefore, <<*Repeat*[Shareholder]>> will return [Shareholder@1], [Shareholder@2], and[Shareholder@3] if 3 is provided as the number. But let's say the Repeats block…

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