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1 After processing my document, it displays curly braces and other characters that I didn't put there. What are they?

Does it look something like this?: { Date \@ "MMMM dd, yyyy" \* Mergeformat} or {Page } These are 'exposed' fields. The fields were put there by Word as code for a date or page number, or automatic paragraph number, but they were left exposed most likely…

2 Can Pathagoras help me with my mail merge activities?

Yes. And to the best of our knowledge, we are the only program that can perform mail merge from plain text with no degradation in speed. You can use your existing Instant Database records, you can connect Pathagoras to an external data source (Excel, Outlook,…

3 Can Pathagoras link to other databases?

It can. Pathagoras can make connections to Excel, SqlServer, MySQL, Access, .csv and .tsv files. So, Pathagoras has the capacity to link to the data stored in most modern database systems. Some connections (Outlook, Excel, and any .csv or .tsv file) can be…

4 Do you have a cheat sheet that summarizes the various commands and formulas?

Yes. It is called "Cheat Sheet" you can find and print it out from the first page of the Pathagoras Main Menu. (The Pathagoras Main Menu is the first element in the Pathagoras drop down features list.)

5 Document Assembly vs. Package Assembly

Q. What is the difference between 'document assembly' and 'package assembly'? A. Package assembly is a sub-set of document assembly. Document Assembly in a nutshell: When you do a ‘simple’ assembly from the Clause Selection Screen, you select clauses…

6 I downloaded and installed Pathagoras but I do not see the icon to start it. Where is it?

Pathagoras is an add in to Microsoft(r) Word. There is no separate icon to click. Once you have installed Pathagoras from your initial download, when you start up Word, Pathagoras will load.

7 Is Pathagoras available in the cloud as a SaaS program?

The short answer is "Sorry, but no." As an add-in to Microsoft Word, Pathagoras must run alongside of Word. (It is actually saved in and run from Word's startup folder.) It is coded in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications, Microsoft's macro language) and draws…

8 Macro error - 'Object library invalid or contains reference to object definitions that could not be found'

This error resulted from a Microsoft security update that was published on Tuesday, Apr 10, 2012. This update disables a Visual Basic runtime dll that is required by several Pathagoras features. The specific routine that is disabled is 'TreeView' found in…

9 Simple {optional text blocks} not processing

Q. "Pathagoras no longer processes my {optional text block} (those surrounded by curley braces). What happened? A. Your ‘simple options’ settings have somehow been lost. Do this to restore them: Click the Pathagoras Features menu; Click Utilties/Settings…

10 When I called up a library and clicked on a book, the library screen would expand offering more selections. Why does it not now?

You selected the End User settings in the Utilities/Settings screen. That 'hides' those additional choices from endusers and takes them directly to the Clause Selection Screen.

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