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Pathagoras is also available by monthly subscription.
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  • by telephone:

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  • by Standard mail (electronic delivery only)

Take a look at the pricing options and decide which kind of license is right for you or your company.

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  •  Individual
  • Single User
  • $379
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  •  Additional Licenses
  • Per Seat
  • $250
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  •   Network Bundle
  • 3 users plus Networking***
  • $799
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  • Enterprise
  • ---
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  •  Subscriptions
  • $25
    Monthly (Single User)
  • $120
    6 Months (Single User)
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Please Note:

  • Your software key will be delivered in your e-mail receipt for immediate use.
  • Use the software key to unlock the program during the installation process.

Note on Credit Card ordering:

(not applicable to trial version requests)

Information that is requested when you place a credit card order is for purposes of verifying the purchaser's identity for the transaction, and for none other. You can be assured of complete privacy in the transaction. Your name will never be sold or provided to another vendor or entity for any purpose.

I will retain your e-mail address only for the purpose of verifying license entitlements, to notify you of future upgrades and products developed for Pathagoras and to provide to you our quarterly newsletter.

30-day Money Back Guarantee
Pathagoras offers an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee from date of purchase.
 If for any reason you are not satisfied with the program, simply uninstall it and ask for your money back. Simple as that! (We might ask, but not insist upon, a letter or summary about where we failed to satisfy you, and we hope that you would share your thoughts with us.
We constantly strive to improve our product, and comments from everyone
do help us toward that goal.)

Additional Notes:

Certain features of Pathagoras are still in beta testing and are not currently available for public distribution. When released, they are not necessarily included in the prices stated elsewhere.

We generally do provide these improvements at no additional charge to existing customers during the first year after purchase, and if an renewal contract was purchased, during the period of the renewal. However, we reserve the right separately charge for these new modules.

Upgrades and bug fixes to existing components of Pathagoras are always provided at no cost to customers during the first year after purchase, and if an renewal contract was purchased, during the period of the renewal.

On-Going Support provides you the peace of mind that your product is always up to date and support is always available for the term of the contract.

ISPV offers a 1-year On-Going Support contract that includes

  • unlimited product support

  • latest patch releases

  • automatic upgrades to new releases

during the term of the contract.

Visit the support web page for full details.

Licensing Information

Purchase of the full program entitles the buyer to:

  1. Install Pathagoras on one 'primary' computer per license, and either one laptop computer owned by the purchaser or one home computer which the user intends to use in a secondary (not simultaneous) fashion with the primary computer.
  2. Free upgrades to all upgrades to Pathagoras for 1 year after the date of purchase (Internet download only). Thereafter, you may purchase an annual renewal subscription which will entitle you to all upgrades during the subscription period, or you may purchase upgrades as released. You will also be entitled to 10% discounts on other ISPV products.
  3. Free technical support via electronic mail (e-mail) and toll-free number pertaining to the operation of the program (Sorry--we cannot provide general word processing advice.)
  4. Notice of upgrades to Pathagoras (if you do not wish to be notified of upgrades, please let us know via Comments page)
  5. Subscription to our semi-monthly newsletter containing hints, tips, tricks and other information to maximize your investment in Pathagoras.

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