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"Pathagorize Me"

Sometimes you just don't have time to 'Pathagorize' your systems.
So, hire us!
Our rates are reasonable. Our turn around time is quick.
You get a turn key result and you begin capitalizing on your investment immediately.


FAQs about "Pathagorize Me"

  • What can you do for me?

  • We know that the concept of document assembly is exciting. We know that a well designed system will save you time and will save you money. We have tried to make the process of document preparation and system design as easy and intuitive as possible so that you can begin saving time and money as soon as possible.

    Despite our best efforts in this regard, neutering text can be a tedious and time consuming process.  Many of our customers tell us that 'Pathagorizing' text is frequently delayed 'until I have more time.'  So, the vicious and paradoxical cycle of 'I have no time to save time' is well in play.

    We can take some of this off your shoulders. We can 'Pathagorize' your documents for you. Here is what we offer:

    • We will create variables at strategic locations in your documents which will serve as 'holders' for personal information. '[Client Name]' [Client Address], etc.

    • We will add groupings for pronouns that change based on circumstances, such as sex of the actor, or other statuses. (That way, 'she' in one section invokes 'her' or 'hers' in another section of the document.)

    • At your request, we will dis-assemble your document into its component parts and assign (again if you so request) a prefix/suffix style name to each component. This technique allows you to experience true 'paragraph assembly' and the ability to call in a clause simply by typing its name to the screen. (While the clause may have a cryptic 'prefix/suffix' style name, you never lose the ability to discern its true nature -- that will be stored in the document's 'subject.')

    • At your request, and with your direction, we will add Options and Optional text blocks so that during a document assembly process, you can tell Pathagoras which text elements you want to keep and which one you want to delete.

    • We can deliver a turn-key system, ready to use as soon as you download it and assign it to a book or a DropDown List. (Of course, your review and some minor post-installation tweaking would be in order, but compared to starting from scratch, this is minor. But you do have to make sure that the documents assembly in the way, and with the choices, you expected.)

  • What are the benefits?

    Here are a couple of tangible benefits:

    • You begin saving time immediately.

      Our customers typically delay
      implementing the program until they have time to 'Pathagorize' their documents themselves. They sometimes never get around to that. The program (and the office) languishes with the same document production issues that led them to purchase a document assembly program like Pathagoras in the first place.

    • You begin saving money immediately.

      If you accept the equivalency that time equals money, you start saving both as soon as you put your Pathagorized documents into use. (The converse of this is that any delay in implementing Pathagoras costs you money.)

    • Starting with one system using us will motivate you and your staff to do more on your own.

      Once you see how uncomplicated 'Pathagorized' documents are, and that they are not some 'other worldly, impossible to code, impossible to understand' collection of fields and scary content that lingers in the background or resides in ancillary documents, you will say to yourself  "I can do that!"

      You can, and you should, but a little 'kick start' using us may be in order.

    • No office disruptions while systems are being created.

      While we are 'Pathagorizing' on our end, you keep your mind and your staff focused on the urgent projects that have prevented you from Pathagorizing your systems in the first place. 

      In the long run, using our services to create one or more of your systems may be much less expensive than 'Pathagorizing' your documents in-office. This refers both to out of pocket costs and to the costs of office disruptions.

  • What do you charge?

    • We charge at the rate of $65 per hour to Pathagorize 'simple' documents. Our minimum charge is 2 hours.

    • A 'simple' document is one where replacements (variables and options/optional text blocks) can be readily discerned in context.

    • Simple documents are easy to Pathagorize, so be sure to send us several to get your money's worth.

    • More complex documents will be more expensive. These would include:

          -- documents requiring complex options and optional text structure;

          -- documents that, because of unknown and varying numbers of actors, require 'repeat blocks';

          -- documents with many variables, and especially inter-connected variables that need to be 'grouped' so that 'she' in one section invokes 'her' in another section;

          -- special requirements unique to the customer.

    • Some documents require a expert's analysis to Pathgorize. For example, a 'Revocable Living Trust'  (or a 'Separation Agreement')  will likely require a 'Pathagorizer' fairly conversant in the field of trusts or (domestic relations law) to accomplish the task.

      Call us ahead of time before sending us such documents. We will chat with you personally about rates for Pathagorizing more specialized documents such as these. We will offer helpful suggestions as to how you can save 'Pathagorizing' costs by marking up the document with specific instructions that will guide the Pathagorizer.

    • Keep in mind that it is not the length of the document that matters so much as number of variables, repeat blocks, and options/optional text blocks, and the complexity of the relationships of the various sections of your document.

  • Can I get an estimate before you begin work?

    Of course, and we always try to meet the estimate. If, however, after we have had the opportunity to actually  work on the document, we find that the estimate was wrong, we will contact you immediately with an adjusted estimate. At that time, you can tell us either to stop and deliver what we have to that point, or to go forward with the project based on the revised estimate. (You can also ask for your money back if you feel that we were so far off as to have been misleading. You will find us very easy to deal with.)

  • What do you require up front?

  • We ask for 50% of the estimate as a down payment, and the balance at the time of delivery. We use PayPal® for the monetary transfers, and will send an invoice when we have agreed upon a price.

  • Do I have to purchase the program to take advantage of your 'Pathagorizing' service?

No! And actually many people have used our Pathagorizing services while still in the middle of their 90 day trial.  They are (understandably) concerned about paying the full cost of the program without knowing what Pathagoras can do. 

So, for a cost far less than that of the program, potential customers send us a collection of documents. We Pathagorize them and send them back. When they have the opportunity to see document automation with their own documents on their editing screens, they are in a much better position to evaluate the program's value.

(And when we return the documents to you, we will spend a few moments with you using a remote assistance connection (typically GoToMeeting) showing you how to use the documents. No charge there, either. We want to make the process irresistible.)

  • What should the document I send look like?

  • You can send us just about anything. But the more markup and detail you provide as to who actors are and the kinds of variables you are looking for, the faster the project can be completed.

    Remember, you know your documents well. However, when you send that document to us, it will be totally 'new'. Without guidance and markups, we have to study the document to determine what you want it to accomplish. The more guidance the better.  E.g.,

    •  "Just create variables for the blue text." (assuminng you colored some of your text with blue); or

    • "Disassemble document into clause where I have typed a "****". I have typed the name I want you to use in parentheses.) (again, assuming you have taken these steps)

    • "Disassemble where marked. Use prefix/suffix naming. Use 'abc' as the prefix and start at 100 with increments of 5."

    Please don't 'pre-neuter' your documents into just blank lines. While we certainly understand that you don't want to send us documents with 'real' client's names in them, please replace "Real Jason Alexander" with "Fake John Doe" and "Real Corp Name" with "Fake ABC Inc." If you replace everything with "__________"), we will have to guess as to what goes in which blank, and that will take more time (and, of course, cost you more). With 'real' names (albeit 'fake' ones) we can be confident as to who the actors are.

    If you want a multichoice variable in a certain spot, let us know. We will always assume a single actor or other variable, but you may really want a selection from which to choose.

    Give us as many of the options as you can, whether the options are alternative words (Husband, Wife, Shareholder, Company, etc., or alternative complete paragraphs.

    If you need a multiple choice pronoun, let us know. Sometimes actors can be male, female or 'they'. Tell us up front so we can start with this as our model.

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