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Office productivity is a combination of the right people in the right place and the right products at the right prices. Pathagoras™ is the right product for just about every setting. If you produce correspondence and documents based on boilerplate or standard clauses, this program can save many times its purchase price over a short period of time. Consider this comment from a very satisfied customer:

"Well, I just wanted to let all of you know that I just finished a COMPLETE trust package in less than an hour for a couple who came in this morning. I got everything done...conflict letter, trust, POW, POA, Living Will, final letter, bank letter, tax letter, and statement. The only thing left to do is the deed, when they bring that in. Thanks for all you did to get our production to this level!"

When you think about it, Pathagoras doesn't cost very much at all.
(Two ways to obtain the program: Purchase or Monthly Subscription.)

Pricing Options

  •  Individual
  • Single User
  • $379
  • Buy Now!
  •  Additional Licenses
  • Per Seat
  • $250
  • Buy Now!
  •   Network Bundle
  • 3 users plus Networking***
  • $799
  • Buy Now!
  •  Volume
  • Enterprise
  • ---
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  •  Subscriptions
  • $25
    Monthly (Single User)
  • $120
    6 Months (Single User)
  • Subscribe Now!

*** All versions of Pathagoras can access network (including cloud based) folders which contain source text. Networking features are administrative tools that allow sharing of profiles, libraries, DropDown Lists and Instant Database data and settings.

Pricing Structure
The pricing above is on a 'per seat' basis. Each potential simultaneous user is considered a 'seat'.
Each license entitles a user to install the program on one 'main' computer and on one 'secondary' computer owned by the user (e.g., home computer or laptop). 'Secondary' use implies that it will not typically be used simultaneously with the primary computer.

30-day Money Back Guarantee on purchase of full license
Pathagoras offers an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the program, simply uninstall it and ask for your money back.  (We might ask, but not insist upon,  a letter or summary about where we failed to satisfy you, and we hope that you would share your thoughts with us. We constantly strive to improve our product, and comments from everyone do help us toward that goal.)

Support and Upgrades
Free technical support and all program updates are available to all purchasers
for one year after the date of purchase.
Thereafter, an optional "Annual Support Agreement" is available.

For those subscriibing to Pathagoras, the support described above and below
is for the period of the subscription.

No annual licensing or long-term contract is required.

Pathagoras will continue to run whether you renew the Annual Support Agreement or not. 
There are no "lock-outs" if you choose not to renew. If you choose not to renew you simply will have the last version you downloaded.  (If you choose not to renew, we encourage you to download the latest version of Pathagoras as it exists 365 days after your purchase so you have the 'latest, greatest' version possible.)

The current price for the Annual Support Agreement Renewal is $100 for  the first license,
$50 for each subsequent license up to 20 and $25 per license thereafter. 
A renewal of your Annual Support Agreement entitles you to free technical support for the Support year
and to all upgrades of the program issued during the Support year.

If you are curious as to the type of support you might receive, click our 'Reviews & Kudos' page.