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Pathagoras Document Assembly

Pathagoras' 'flagship' product is the multi-functional document assembly and document management suite that carries that name. While the various modules are listed below as if they were stand-alone components, Pathagoras is currently sold only as a bundled suite. Additional, and more detailed, descriptions of the various modules can be found under the 'Features' section of this site.


Module Name PURPOSE & USE
Documents and Clauses Selection Module

This is the primary document assembly module. When selected, Pathagoras will read the names of all clauses stored in a designated folder and display the results onto the left side of a two panel display. Select one, several or all of the available clauses from the left panel and move them to the right panel. The final content of the right panel reflects the content of the ultimate document to be assembled. Press the Next button and Pathagoras will quickly assemble your selection into a new document.

As used here, a 'folder' is any standard Word folder containing documents. No special setup is required. The folders in which you currently store documents can be linked to and processed by this module.

DropDown Lists

Pathagoras can store and display the contents of a selected folder into an 'always on, always active' list that sits in the menu area of the editing screen. Once created, you can 'point and click' the contents of any item in the list into your current (or into a new) document. DropDown Lists are easy to create and easy to use. Properly configured, DropDown Lists can make literally hundreds (potentially thousands) of documents available to you in just two clicks.

The 'folder' to which a DownDown List can be assigned can be any standard Word folder. It can also be a folder containing images, spreadsheets, WordPerfect® documents and just about anything else. No special setup is required. Extremely easy to setup. Extremely fast to use.

A Pathagoras exclusive.

Instant Database Module

This module allows the user to personalize the assembled document to the needs of a particular client or customer.

Pathagoras is programmed to read all [bracketed variables] it finds in the current document and to display what it finds into the left column or a two column screen. Once the variables are listed, the user types in (or recalls from the database) the appropriate 'replacement values' for each variable shown.

When the button is pressed on the screen, Pathagoras replaces the variables with the personalized text.

During this phase of the document assembly process, the user is given the opportunity to save the variable-to-personal data match-ups to a Personal Data Record. This record is stored and can be recalled for a later session involving the same client or customer. That way the same data will not have to be re-input.

Pathagoras can store and process up to 900 variables and their replacement values per client or customer.

Document Names and Subjects Editor

A document management tool. It is designed to tame the often daunting task of renaming, and adding subject modifiers to, a large quantity of documents.

Pathagoras displays into an editable table the names and subjects (if assigned) of the documents in a selected folder. With that table, you simply type the new names of the documents. Your goal in changing names may be simply to make them more meaningful to end users, or to comply with office naming conventions or to adopt a new naming style (perhaps the prefix/suffix naming style used so elegantly by Pathagoras).


Pathagoras' primary document management tool which simplifies the process of navigating from one folder of documents to another. Using the PathSmart screens, you assign a folder (any folder) to a number. Thereafter, you can display the contents of that folder simply by typing the folder's number to the editing screen and pressing a hot-key. There simply is no faster way to navigate to the various folders where you store documents and forms.

Sorting and filtering tools provided within the PathSmart screen display desired contents faster that can be done using Word/Windows tools alone.


The complement to PathSmart. After a folder has be assigned a number, you can use the SaveSmart screen to save documents to the numbered folders (including sub-folders). SaveSmart avoids all navigation to the target folder. Select a number, and the document is immediately placed in the proper location. A Pathagoras exclusive.

Term Works!

This tool allows the user to highlight any text and quickly add the selected text to a designated Word folder or Pathagoras glossary. There is no faster way to get new text you want to save to the location where you want to save it.

Bulk Add & Instant Book

These are Pathagoras' document 'dis-assembly' modules. With either of these tools, you can quickly break up a complete document into its component parts. Using Pathagoras' other document assembly tools and features, the individual components can later be reassembled into a complete document.

The disassembled clauses themselves are only a start to a complete system. Using Term Works and/or SaveSmart, you can (and should) add variety to the various clauses. Your goal is to have a wide selection of clauses from which to choose during subsequent document assembly sessions.

Variable Creation Assistant

This tool allows you to quickly 'neuter' documents. Use it to replace 'real people' values with [bracketed variables]. Get rid of all client/customer specific information so that the possibility of carrying forward an old client or customer's data into a new document prepared for a new client is rendered impossible.

The Variable Creation Assistant can also be used to quickly create 'optional text' blocks.

Trial Version

The trial version of Pathagoras contains all of the above modules. The only restriction is time (if you consider 90 days to try a product a 'restriction').

Currently in Beta

We are currently testing a version of Pathagoras that can be used within Microsoft® Excel. It works as complements to the Word version of the product, and therefore is not available separately. It allow you to create the Instant Database record needed to personalize Word documents from within Excel using data generated by Excel. These modules are currently available at no charge, but you must have Pathagoras (Word) installed and have several working libraries to qualify for the beta.Contact us for more information.

Other Products and Services

We aim to make Pathagoras a fully functional document assembly system for every office. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of ancillary products and services. Check out this page for a listing.