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Compliments, Kudos & Reviews for Pathagoras!

-Edward Zohn
Technolawyer Review September 2012
TechnoScore: A-

"In addition to the documentation and cheerful telephone support, one of Pathagoras' best features is the ease with which a busy lawyer or paralegal can pace your learning. I created my first basic form (a "no-fault" divorce complaint) within 15 minutes of opening up the manual. It was simple, and it worked."

-Wells H. Anderson
"The Best Legal Tech Support" Law Office Computing, August/Sept 2002.
"For enthusiasm and follow through, it's hard to beat Buzz Bruggeman of ActiveWords . . . and Roy Lasris of Pathagoras, a Word document assembly toolset that takes an unusually easy approach to reusing boilerplate language. Both men are hands-on entrepreneurs devoted to making life with computers easier for their customers."

Katrina Hubbard
Balanced Legal Solutions, LLC, March 2008
"While Pathagoras has to ability to create complex documents which contain logic based components, the steps involved are so rudimentary that one finds themselves questioning how can it be? What attorneys and law firms alike have struggled with for years relating to form documents and the automation of such, has been conquered with this program."

-Charles Whisonant
Law Office Computing, February/March 2002
"Roy Lasris, the author of Pathagoras, is a one-person tech support department reachable via e-mail, phone or through a discussion group at Pathagoras’ Web site. He is responsive and approachable. The online Users’ Manual and QuickStart Guide are helpful and straightforward."Read more...

-Neil Squillante
Technolawyer, February 2008.
"[The] focus on timesavers permeates the new version. For example, the new interface enables you to more readily access a greater number of clauses, files, images, and templates than ever before. Also, a number of helpful utilities make it easier to manage your forms library and associated resources." Read more...

-Daniel Fennick
Technolawyer, March 2008. Score: 4.5 out of 5
"At $379.00, it's a steal. . . .Once I have my 140 or so property settlement clauses in a list organized by subject, I can do my property settlement agreements in 10 or 15 minutes (something that normally would take me an hour or more). Read more...

While we are certainly proud of what reviewers write about Pathagoras, we are even more proud about what our customers have to say about us:

--Tom Sammons
Esq., Palatine, Illinois
"I started using Pathagoras about 6 months ago and love it. I rarely use Hot Docs anymore. Your upgrades have been fast and furious and the new 'scanning' feature is outstanding. . . . I am really impressed with how responsive and "real world" you are with updates and suggestions."
--Sherri Morrison
Paralegal, Leawood, KS
"I can tell you, not that you don't already know, your program is a very easy to learn and incorporate into a system of templates and document assembly. Navigation of the Pathagoras system is simple and straight-forward. I'm thrilled that we purchased it for our law firm! Believe me, I tried several other programs, but they were not so easily integrated. Thank you for your continued efforts to improve and maintain your marvelous program."
--Andrew Flusche
Esq, Fredricksburg, VA
The beauty of this system is its flexibility. Pathagoras works with any form you buy, borrow, or build yourself. And I know that the CLE forms are a great start for me to customize and have the perfect documents. The customer support is amazing! When you need help or have a problem, you can simply call or email the creator of the program. You don't go through a huge corporation with different "levels" of support. You immediately talk to the guy who built the system. He has even helped me on the weekends!"
--Igor Paffen
Insurance and Financial Services, Landgraff, Netherlands
"I use Pathagoras intensively. It's amazing how quickly I can produce a professional document.Thanks for that!"
--W. Lee Clark
Esq., La Mesa California
"I recently purchased Pathagoras, which after attempting to use Hotdocs and Ghostfill, is a marvel of simplicity and usefulness."
--Craig Wyrill
Esq., Melbourne, Australia
Thank you for your assistance in learning your wonderful documentation automation product Pathagoras. I have cut the time I take to generate complex bespoke legal documents and keep on finding new features that help me get even faster at my work through both the excellent Users' Manual and the various videos available on the internet to help me learn even more proficiency in using your product. I would be delighted to recommend Pathagoras to anyone providing complex document based solutions to their clients. I only wish I had found out about it earlier.
--Brent Galligan
Esq., Glendale, Arizona
"During the state bar convention last week I gave a quick pitch to the solo / small firm section about how your program is a great alternative to HotDocs, et al. . . . I think it is a wonderful program that provides us with a feasible alternative to the other systems out there. . . . If you ever need a recommendation, I would be happy to endorse your product. Thanks so much for your excellent customer support."
--W. Wandal Winn
M.D., Anchorage, Alaska
"You never cease to amaze me . . . I've been around the (tech, software) block for a long time and have never seen the level of support, response and customer service you offer. Just had to let you know."
--Dave Larson
Esq., Chamberlain, South Dakota
"The latest update is great! I especially like the new neutering feature. With each interation you are making it easier to develop the legal forms we can actually use in practice. In the past I have actually tried both HotDocs and GhostFill as well as my own set of templates set up in Word using fields and auto new macros. Pathagoras is much easier and more effective than all of them."
--Terry A Bell
Esq, Louisiana
"I have tried the scan (GotForms) feature and it is remarkable! I already had a bunch of Louisiana forms with the variables in '[ ]', so it worked right off the bat. Keep up the good work!!"
--Ann Smith
Admin Assistant, Urbanna, Virginia
"Well, just wanted to let all of you know that I just finished a COMPLETE trust package in less than an hour for a couple who came in this morning. I got everything done...conflict letter, trust, pow, poa, lw, final letter, bank letter, tax letter, and statement. The only thing left to do is the deed, when they bring that in. Thanks for all you did to get our production to this level!"
-- Monique Myer
Esq. New York
"It still amazes me all of the things that Pathagoras can do."
--Richard S. Arnold
Esq., Santa Monica, CA
"One of the best things about Pathagoras is the terrific, responsive, and even proactive support which comes with it!"
--Kay Ames
School Psychologist, Park City, UT
"Just wanted to let you know that after a couple of years of using Pathagoras it is totally essential to my practice. I am a school psychologist and write lots of psychological reports. Pathagoras does everything from expand test names to inserting explanatory text to inserting score charts with complex formatting and recommendations boilerplate that I can customize for each child. What a help! I'm still exploring features--fun!--since I know I haven't used all of Pathagoras' potential. Thanks for your great user support and an exceptional program."
--Vivian Moran
Esq., Ft. Myers, Florida
"I wish every software vendor was as responsive as you are (and need I say how much I love the program?). I just realized from reading the license that I can install the program on my laptop as well, so I'll try that in the next few days."
--Joel Johnson
Esq. Minnesota
"This now outranks WD-40."
--Cathal Gilmore
Esq. Ireland
"No way am I going back to HotDocs now!"
--Laura Patton
Esq. Charleston, SC
"When I need to update my documents I do not have to figure out how the document assembly program works all over again. With Pathagoras, itis always just a simple Word document. I revise, save to my forms folder, and I’m done." . . . I still get annoyed with Word, but I’m sold on Pathagoras.
--Loryn Day
Rocklin, CA
"We love Pathagoras and how simple of a solution it offers to our tedious documents!"
--Ken Robertson
Esq., Anchorage, Alaska
"Just now delving deep enough to appreciate the brilliance of your program - amazing. Can't wait to really learn this program, but even doing a few documents is enough to see its power and elegance. Damn you're good!
--Richard Abbey
PhD, Palo Alto, CA
Thanks again for a fabulous program. I have tried to work with a software programmer for an entire year getting him to write something for me. He has come up with a very low version that is not very flexible. With Pathagoras, I have already been able to customize it so it is light years ahead of what he did. And you continue to make it better!
--Andrei Mincov
Esq., Vancouver, BC
I'm so happy I went with Pathagoras! The flexibility is absolutely amazing.
--Paul Wittenberger
Los Angeles, CA
Although I haven't worked with the application to the extent that I had planned, I can tell you that it's probably one of the easiest document generation applications I've ever used, and I have used more than a few in my 21 years of managing the support operations of a 65 attorney law office. What I especially like about Pathagoras is that one doesn't have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to migrating existing documents to the application.
--Pam Brunkalla
Esq., Marengo, IL

I'm setting up Clause sets - LOVE IT; Smart Paths with Profiles for different clients - LOVE IT; Got Forms - LOVE IT; Doc Assembly - LOVE IT; Instant Database - Great. I already had some of that functionality, which most people don't have. Actually I'm still using it for fields not in Access so I'll revise that to LOVE IT.

My brother is a genius level programmer/developer (who got me into Access) but we just don't approach things the same way. Maybe it's because we're both attorneys but I really love your approach to these things.

--Dave Larson
Esq., Chamberlain, South Dakota, as Published in TechnoLawyer, August 2005

Over the years I have tried HotDocs, Ghostfill, and a combination of Microsoft Word macros and field code functions to develop a set of forms for my real estate and estate planning practice. None of them have been as straight forward or as simple to get up and running as Pathagoras. Because Pathagoras starts and works with plain Microsoft Word documents, and has a variety of tools to get you up and running, you can be using Pathagoras to fill out one of your existing forms within a few minutes of installation.

Any existing form in which variables are enclosed within any distinctive markers, for example, [ ] ( ) or < >, can be used immediately using the "Got Forms" tool. That same form can serve as the basis for an "Instant Data Base" created automatically by a simple search or "scan" of the form. The scan creates an entry table that can then be used to complete the current form and any other form containing the same variables.

In addition, these features can be used progressively, allowing you to expand your "Instant Data Base" as you work on a new form in your system that may include additional new variables.

Using the available tools in this way, an entire system of forms can be built progressively as you work your way through a real world transaction, then used over and over to speed your way through similar transactions in the future.

Finally, Pathagoras has the tools to build more advanced forms with multiple clause options, all without programming.

Roy Lasris, the moving force behind Pathagoras has constantly improved the program, making it easier and easier for a practitioner to develop a practical forms system tailored to the lawyer's individual practice.

Technical support is unbelievable. Have a problem, drop Roy an e-mail or give him a call and you get an answer almost immediately. Want a new feature added, give Roy a call. If it is something he feels has general application, it will probably be in an upgrade of the program the following week.

For real world solo or small firm practices using Microsoft Word, document assembly doesn't get any better than this.