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Other Services, Products and Opportunities

In addition to its 'core' document assembly products, Pathagoras offers several other services and products that round out the program. Check these out:
If you and your staff just don't have enough time to create variables, options and optional text blocks, ask us to do it. We can take your documents (all of them or just some of them) and do the heavy lifting for you. You will get back fully 'Pathagorized' (and, therefore, automated) documents that you can begin using right away. Read more at this link.
The Pathagorized Office
Pathagoras is designed to be used for all of your office documents (letters and memos as well as pleadings, wills, contracts, trusts, etc.). And Pathagoras makes it very easy to do so. By proper use of libraries, books, profiles and SmartPaths, you can automate your entire office and get the greatest return on your investment. But sometimes there is just not enough time.

    Enter 'The Pathagorized Office.'  Here, we can offer to you a wide range of services, from initial installation and basic 'library and book' setup to adding intake forms and new MultiChoice elements to implementing the most advanced setups you can imagine. All designs are based on tried and true models that can be readily adapted to your office.

    'The Pathagorized Office' services are provided by consultants who are  consummate experts in setup and use of Pathagoras. They will examine what you currently have, ask a few questions about your current document flow, and then either guide you on how to best streamline your operations or they can 'take over' your system for a little while and then return to you as a turn-key operation. 

    Basic, intermediate and advanced packages are available. For more information and a free guided tour of an fully "Pathagorized Office," click here.

    Given the time and energy savings that you can realize by having an expert set up your entire system, a 'Pathagorized Office' is a real bargain.
Need additional one-on-one time with Pathagoras authors. Give us a call and we'll set it up. The fee is $125 per hour, with no per-student add ons. (The more the merrier!)

Our students regularly comment on how much fun (and educational) these sessions turn out to be. To schedule a TeachMe! session just write to us (be sure to include your name, telephone and preferred times) or call us on the toll-free line indicated below. (You can also use the form below to contact us.)
On-line Seminar Series
Join in on our periodic 'live' 30 minute seminars on selected topics. No cost. Replays will be made available. Check out our upcoming seminars here (sorry-not yet 'hot').
Purchase Option: Monthly Subscription
Our standard model for the distribution of Pathagoras is the 'outright purchase.' You purchase the license for the listed price and you own the license in perpetuity (subject, or course, to the other terms in the Licensing Agreement).

However, perhaps you do not wish to plunk down that much on a product that you are still not sure will serve your needs. So, after the 90 day trial has expired, if you want some more 'alone time' with the program, you can 'rent' the program for as long as you desire.

The subscription price is $25 per month, or $120 for 6 months.

There is no direct 'credit' of the subscription costs toward purchase, but there is still a way to maximize the investment. At the end of one year, you will have the opportunity to purchase Pathagoras at the cost of only $250. The Annual Support Agreement will be extended for one year after that.

You do the math:

    --  Purchase: $379 + $100 (optional Annual Support Extension) = $479.

    --  Subscription: $120 + $120 +$250 = $490

    --The difference: 11 bucks! Not a bad way to go, no?

To subscribe to Pathagoras, click here: Order Pathagoras by Subscription
Intake Forms
If you can get the client or customer to provide you their intake information, you accomplish two office goals.

    (1) You get more accurate data (but don't forget that clients make typos, too, so be sure to proof their information); and

    (2)  You create a bond with the client that simply scheduling an appointment does not.

The data provided by our intake forms is instantly useable by Pathagoras. No muss, no fuss, no conversions. Check out our intake form design services at this link.
Pathagoras for Excel
Create Intake Forms using Excel. Send these forms via email to clients to complete, or post on your website to download, complete and send back to you. Create an Instant Database record from the completed forms. See the Pathagoras for Excel manual for more information and illustrations.
Pathagoras On Cloud
Want a place to store and manage your Pathagorized documents? Store them 'in the cloud' using our secure document storage space. Specially designed just for Pathagoras, this can be used by all on your Pathagoras network (even if your network is just you at the office and you at home. Quick, responsive, easy to use. And best of all, you can try it free for 30 days. Click here to view the site and to sign up.

Got more questions? Contact us.

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