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Pathagoras Document Assembly

Setting Up Pathagoras on Your Computer

Very little could be easier than setting up Pathagoras. For the most part, it is download and use.
  • Download a free 90 day trial of Pathagoras by clicking any button with that label. Follow the prompts.
  • Once Pathagoras is installed, it loads along with Word and it closes along with Word. There is no separate program to load when you want to assemble a document. Everything is 'on-screen.'

System Requirements:

PC with Microsoft® Word installed.*

Word Versions:
 All versions of Word from 2007, including Word (Office) 365
Operating Systems:
All current version (including Windows 10)

*Pathagoras is an add-in to, and works within, Microsoft® Word. When Word is active, so is Pathagoras.

You know Pathagoras is ready to go by the 4 element toolbar that sits at the top of your Word screen along with the other toolbars behind a tab titled 'Pathagoras'. Click one of the elements and you are ready to roll.
Pathagoras Toolbar

     Pathagoras ships with several pre-set modules. Using them, you can practice the following features:
(1)Open a folder using PathSmart.  (No navigation!)

(2)Save documents that you have created using SaveSmart. (Again, no navigation!)

(3)Assemble sample documents from among the several Demo Document books and

(4)Create and personalize your own systems using the tools in the Pathagoras drop-down list.

We don't intend to mislead. While Pathagoras is easy to install, to setup and to begin using its basic features, to create a sophisticated document assembly system will take some time. It's just that it should take you far less time than required by competitive systems. And we are here to help you in that endeavor. You will not find a more helpful support team than works at Pathagoras. Call us!
     Click here for our contact points and telephone numbers.

Would you like to arrange a live demonstration using Pathagoras with your computer as the test site? Just click the link and we will contact you shortly to schedule a meeting.