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Pathagoras by Subscription

    We know that, at $379 for the initial license, Pathagoras will be viewed as an 'investment-grade' product.  And indeed it is.

    Pathagoras is a full-featured document automation and document management tool. It is competitively priced with other programs in its class. Its price reflects the broad range of features and tools that come with every copy of the program. It therefore does not carry what we call a 'throw-away' price tag (cheap enough that if it doesn't serve your needs, the loss is not too great).

   Perhaps after your 90 day trial of Pathagoras has expired, you are still not absolutely confident that our product will meet your needs. You still want more 'alone time' with the program. Not a problem. We offer a simple and cost efficient way to make that happen.

   You can subscribe to Pathagoras on a month by month basis for as long as you desire. The subscription price for Pathagoras is only $25 per month. If you subscribe for a 6 month block, it is $120 (i.e., only $20 per month).

   Regardless of the length of your subscription, you will have the identical program that those who own the program possess. You will also have the full range of our high quality support services, including free telephonic and on-line technical support, and all program upgrades issued during your subscription period.


Who handles the subscription processing and payments? We use PayPal to handle setting up the subscription and for charging the on-going subscription fees.  If you do not already have one, you must create a PayPal account, but it costs you nothing other than about 10 minutes of time to do so.

How easy is it to cancel my subscription? Very easy. Just go into your PayPal account and cancel it. There are no minimum subscription periods (well, 'one month' is actually the miminum), and you can cancel at any time.

Do my payments count toward purchase? There is no direct 'credit' of the subscription costs toward the purchase of Pathagoras. But neither are you tied in 'for life' once you start. If you decide 'owning' is more cost effective than 'renting', you can purchase the full license at any time. There is, however, a 'best time' to make the conversion, explained below:

    At any time after the end of your first year's subscription, you can purchase the 'retail' version of Pathagoras at the cost of only $250. Your Annual Support Agreement will also be extended for one year after that.  Therefore, if you start a subscription, it is most cost effective for you to let the subscription run for one year and then convert to an 'owner' version.

    Here is the math:

Pathagoras by outright purchase:      $379 + $100*    = $479.
 Pathagoras by Subscription:
(assuming 6 month subscription purchased)
     $120 x 2 +$250 = $490< /td>
As you can see, the difference is only $11 after the first year. Therefore, there is no significant 'subscription penalty.'  *(this $100 represents the optional cost to an outright owner
 to extend the Annual Support Agreement
after the first year of ownership.)






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