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Windows Update Issues: Here's the link to our 'pathagofix' download


We are as easy a group of folks to talk with about problems, questions or concerns as you will find anywhere. Please consider us a resource of first resort, not last.

Questions asked over the weekend will be answered over the weekend. Questions asked in the evening will typically be answered that same evening.

Full support is available for both purchasers and demo version users alike!

By Phone:
        (866) Pathagoras (866-728-4246) (Daytime, EST, USA)
     Regular landline:
(757) 877-2244 (Daytime, EST, USA)
         (757) 898-7374 (evenings, weekends EST, USA)
    (757) 874-7300

By E-mail:


     Innovative Software Products of Virginia
     c/o Roy Lasris, President
     117 Chisman Landing
     Seaford, VA 23696

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