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Pathagoras Document Assembly

Video Tutorials

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Creating and Editing Documents all in ' plain text'

See how simple it is to create your own Libraries, Books and DropDown Lists, and how to add content to each. Our customers say "I never thought anything could be this easy!" But it is, we promise.

Overviews of Pathagoras' Basic Features and Tools (these are older videos and they are a bit 'grainy,' but they do give you a sense of what you can expect from a 'plain text' document assembler

Webinar Replays

Beginning in the fall of 2013, we started hosting 'webinars' covering various aspects of the program. They are conducted in a 'classroom' style environment. Replays of those webinars (warts and all) are available below. (Replays hosted by ScreenCast(tm).) Check out this page for a listing of our upcoming webinars.

25 Hints, Tips and Tricks to getting the most out of Pathagoras (52:24)

Libraries and Books (the essentials -- how to create them; how to use them) (46:24)

The Care and Feeding of DropDown Lists (Two clicks to any document in your system)(27:56)

Mouseless Assembly (recall documents and terms straight from your keyboard; the Names and Subjects Editor) (33:43)

The below videos are the first videos ever created for Pathagoras. They contain no audio, but are unique, and therefore preserved here, in that each presentation is highly interactive. Pause points are embedded into the video which require you to take action to move to the next section of the video. You  click on appropriate 'hotspot' in order to proceed. The action is identical to the action required if you were actually using the program.

(Note: Some videos may require the user to scroll the containing page in order to see instructional text or to click 'hot spots.' Note also, that the program has evolved significantly since these original videos. Some screens will not match those of the current program. But the essential underpinnings and operations of Pathagoras -- plain text variables; no behind the scenes fields, etc.) are still the same, and you should still be able to get a good feel for the program from these videos.

Introduction :   
     Introduction to Pathagoras

Document Assembly:

  • Free-form Document Assembly
    (Clause are inserted individually at designated spots throughout document or template.)
  • DropDown Lists (general)

  • Setup

Neutering the document

Creating a new library
Adding a book to a library

  • Misc


Printable Checklist

   Adding Terms to Existing Glossary

Tools for adding large quantities of text into
     a glossary:

  • Instant Glossary
    (the easiest way to create a fully functional glossary of terms)

Document Management

Additional Program Features :