Drop Down List Collections

   Pathagoras lets you create and maintain up to 10 DropDown Lists simultaneously. But, if yours is a multi-discipline practice, or your clause lists are expansive, even ten may not be enough.


Let's say you have an active Estate Planning practice. To speed up access to clause and documents on this subject, you have created DropDown Lists for (1) Wills (2) Trusts (3) POAs (4) Living Wills (5) Probate and (6) Letters. You have a 7th list that contains the standard variables used for estate planning documents. That leaves you with only 3 more Lists for other subjects.

Let's further say that you also have an active Domestic Relations Practice. You would like DropDown Lists for (1) Divorce Pleadings, (2) Discovery, (3) Separation Agreements, (4) Orders and (5) Letters. And of course, you want a DropDown List for the variables used for domestic relations documents. But there is not enough room!

And what about your Personal Injury or Real estate practice? All your DropDown Lists are consumed by other topics.

Not to worry. You can create 'Collections' of DropDown Lists. Pathagoras allows you to create and save up to 4 such collections, each on any topic of your choice. Switching in and out of these collections a simple 2 click, and very fast, operation. (A 5th collection exists, but we have reserved it for use by the administrator. It is hidden in the background from 'non-authors.' )

   Here is a sample of DropDown List collections a law firm might have.    

Estate Planning

(1) Wills

(2) Trusts

(3) POAs

(4) Living Wills

(5) Probate


(6) Letters to Clients

(7) Letters to Court

(8) Estate Planning Variables

Domestic Relations

(1) Separation Agreements

(2) Pleadings (documents)

(3) Pleadings (clauses)

(4) Discovery

(5) Orders and Decrees


(6) Letters to Clients

(7) Letters to Court.

(8) Domestic Relations Variables

Real Estate

(1) Deeds

(2) Deeds of Trust

(3) Sales Contracts

(4) Leases

(5) Closing Forms

(5) Letters to Clients

(6) Letters to Court

(7) Letters to Financial Institutions

(8) Real Estate Variables

Office Admin

(1) Retainer Agreements

(2) Letterhead options

(3) Letters to Clients (body text) (4) Signature blocks

(5) Fax Cover sheets

(6) Seasonal Correspondence

(7) Office Variables

  When you want to work on a divorce action, if the collection is not the current 'default,' call up the Domestic Relations collection and all the forms on that topic are now 2 clicks away.

  Need to quickly prepare a Will. Not a problem. Switch to the Estate Planning collection.

  Any collection switches in and out in a matter of 2 or 3 seconds!

  The above chart reflects possibilities only. The possibilities are endless. Every name, every topic, every decision is yours. See this section of the Manual for more information.

  To Save a Collection:

    Click the small 'arrow' at the lower right corner of the DropDown List section.



   Click the Save button in the 'Collections' menu that appears.

   With the 'Manage Collections' screen visible, select the number (1 thru 4) of the slot into which you wish to save the collection. If you are saving a new Collection on a 'blank slate', it doesn't matter which slot you pick. If you are updating or overwriting an existing Collection, select the slot you wish to overwrite. (Pathagoras will display in red outline the last Collection you saved or recalled.)

Click to enlarge.


   You can add a title for the Collection by clicking the Rename button at the foot of each collection. (If you wish to establish a Document Assembly 'Environment' (discussed below), make sure that the name of your Collection and the name of the document assembly Library are the same.)

   To Restore a Collection:

  Manually: Same steps as above, but instead of clicking 'Save', click the 'Restore' button in the Pathagoras menu area.

   When the Restore Collections screen is displayed, click the Restore button beneath the desired Collection.

  Automatically: If the name of the Collection matches the name of a Library, and you select a Library from the Document Assembly (Libraries & Books) screen, the 'Restore Collection' routine will happen automatically. (You will, however, be asked if you want to restore the Collection. Just say 'Yes'.)

  Document Assembly "Environments":

"It would be 'really cool' if, when I switch Libraries (e.g., from Domestic Relations to Estate Planning) that not only do I get a new set of books to build documents from, but a new set of DropDown Lists."

   You now can! See the next section discussing Document Assembly Environments.



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