Excel Connections

   Pathagoras allows robust connectivity with Excel spreadsheets. With this interactivity:

You can assign an Excel spreadsheet as a source for clauses (long or short) that you can call in in the same manner as other document assembly text sources (folders of clauses and 'glossaries'). We call this 'Excel Assembly'. The spreadsheet would comprise (a minimum of) 3 columns. The first would represent the clauses name, the second its subject and the third, the text you want to import. (You can have more than 3 columns, as is explained elsewhere.) Click here to read more about Excel Assembly.

You can quickly and easily import data saved in (or collected by) Excel. Click here to be taken to "Excel and the Instant Database".

You can easily import tables and charts that you created with Excel into you documents. See "Excel and DropDown Lists.'

You can also create 'hard coded' references to Excel tables when you know the one(s) you want. See "Importing Excel Tables"


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