Automatic Paragraph Numbering (General)

    A common feature of any word processing system is Automatic Paragraph Numbering. The feature works in the following helpful ways:

If a new paragraph is added to a document, it is given the proper next sequential number.

If a new paragraph is inserted between currently numbered paragraphs, the paragraphs beneath the insertion are properly renumbered.

If a paragraph is deleted, the paragraphs beneath the deletion are properly renumbered.

  There are practically an infinite number of styles that you can insert into your document. The basic ones are plain list numbering (1., 2., 3., etc.), outlining (I., a., i., II., a., b., etc.), and 'legal style' (1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1, etc.).

   Pathagoras works with any version and any style of Word's automatic paragraph numbering systems.  It works with any off-the-shelf system designed to tame Word's sometimes challenging systems.

   Regardless of which system you decide to use, keep the following in mind.:

If you are assembling documents from separate documents (a  folder of forms), make sure that the switch for the first paragraph in each form that allows numbering to 'Continue Previous List'  is turned 'on. Otherwise, you may end up with all paragraphs numbered "1."

All of the 'first' numbers in each separate document will appear as "1" (or 'One' or whatever the first position number should be).  This is regardless of whether the Continue Previous List is on or off. It is when the separate documents are pulled together as one that the need for Continue Previous List become obvious. Do not forcibly set numbers in second-, third-, fifth- etc. -in-order document to the ones you think they should be. This will just mess things up.

If you use one of the 'Instant Book'  or 'Bulk Add' tools to create a folder of documents, and assuming that the master document is properly numbered, then you should be in good shape. The 'Continue Previous List' settings in the source document will carry over automatically into each document created from the master.

Make sure that the numbering schemes for the target document are consistent with the schemes for the original/source document.  If the numbering schemes are not identical, the number of the newly inserted text will restart with '1'. See the next section for the techniques to repair this.