Pathagoras maintains a Table which maintains and displays the association of each registered prefix with a specific folder or glossary.

  The registered prefixes also allows the user to quickly and effortlessly locate any prefix/suffix named term with a simple press of <Alt-G>. Such 'mouseless assembly' is a hallmark feature of Pathagoras.

  Direct registration:

   To register a prefix and associate it with a specific folder:

1.Display the Utilities/Settings screen and click the All Settings button.

2.Click the Prefix Tables tab.

    This is the initial view of the Prefix Table screen:


Click to enlarge.

   From this screen, you can:

drop down the list (1, above) to view all currently assigned prefix-to-folder (or prefix-to-glossary) designations and make changes as appropriate, or

type into the Prefix box (2, above) the 2 to 4 characters of the prefix. To pair up a folder or glossary to the prefix, click the Navigate to Source button (3, above). Follow the prompts.

lightbulbsmallIf a document bearing the desired prefix happens to be 'on-screen' (and you can easily make that 'happen', an additional button called 'Use folder of underlying document' will appear. Click it, if appropriate, to avoid having to navigate.

Automatic registration:

The Table is automatically augmented or modified:

1.when you create a new book and choose to name the terms using the prefix/suffix style; or

2.when you assign a prefix to a book via the Document Assembly Setting screen ('Prefix' tab) and press the Assign Prefix button.


When a prefix has been registered, if you type that prefix onto an editing screen and press <Alt-G>, the book assigned to that prefix will be displayed.

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