Pathagoras maintains two attributes regarding each document or clause.

'Name' is the obvious one. All documents have names. It is the actual document name to which this attribute refers.

'Subject': Sometimes a document's name will have little meaning to the operator. Pathagoras takes advantage of the property field called 'Subject' (meta data within every Word document) to maintain a 'better' description of the document or clause. Subjects are optional. If a subject is not assigned, the document's name is used as its subject.

   Pathagoras can readily display both the name and the subject assigned to a document. The radio buttons found on both the Libraries & Books and the Clause Selection Screen allow you to quickly switch between the two. (If no subject is assigned to a document, Pathagoras will 'repeat' the document's name as the Subject when that option is pressed.)

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   The Clause Selection Screen displays both the Name and the Subject simultaneously. If Name is the primary display, the Subject is displayed in blue text at the bottom of the screen just beneath and between the two panels. If Subject is the primary display, the clause's name is displayed in the blue text.

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