Navigating with Pathagoras

   Pathagoras essential operations can be summarized as follows:. 'We point.'

   A 'book' points to a folder.

   A 'SmartPath' and 'DropDown List' point to their respective folders.

   A 'QuickLink' points to a folder. You assign an easy to remember name. Pathagoras points that name to a folder.

   We don't capture items in a folder and move them somewhere else. We don't require you to maintain your documents in our folders. What you now have is perfectly fine. (That's not to say that as you become more proficient with Pathagoras, you won't move documents into better organized folders and sub-folders, but if you do, rest assured all you need to do it simply repoint the book, SmartPath, DropDown List or QuickLink to the new folder. (And if Pathagoras remains pointed to the old folder, don't worry --- it will tell you it cannot find it.)

   Now, once you have set a SmartPath, shelved a document assembly book or created a DropDown List, you can easily open the source folder without additional navigation by taking advantage of the pointer that Pathagoras has saved just for you. Need to navigate to a book. Just display the Document Assembly screen, select the book and choose the Open Book option. To open the folder of a DropDown List . . . just drop down the List and click the <Open Folder> element.

   The ease by which Pathagoras allows your access to your source clauses is surpassed by no program. No document stored within a Pathagoras control is more that one or two clicks away.

   Being aware of the tools illustrated below will save you and your staff countless time daily (not to mention eliminating the frustration of trying to remember where in the computer or on the network things are located.)

  informationRemember that when you are assembling a document or selecting an item from a DropDown List, you have only called  a copy of the document, not the original. Whenever you want to edit the original text, or to add or delete files from the source folder, follow the steps outlined below to quickly access the folder.

   Here is a listing of just some of the navigation tools you may find handy:

 SmartPath (number + <Alt-G>

 QuickLink (term + <Alt-G>

 Prefix (prefix + <Alt-G>)

 DropDown List (click 'Open Folder' at bottom of list)

 Instant Database (set a variable to a folder)